Exciting news in the Dunahoo house!!

Hi all. Well Lauren and I have exciting news in the Dunahoo house.

We are starting the process of adoption! We look forward to loving and caring for this child and the gift from God that the child will be to us. Many changes are expected for us, but we wanted to share the news and keep friends, family, our community, and those who hear of our story well informed.

We will have more updates coming soon for how you can be an active participant in our child’s adoption. Lauren and I are really excited about this new season and the changes it will bring.

john + lauren

John+Lauren Announcement-6

photo credit: www.andersonshore.com

3 responses to “Exciting news in the Dunahoo house!!”

  1. Brenda Beasley says:

    So very excited for you both and thank you for sharing with us all!

  2. Sherri Dunahoo says:

    We are excited with you!

  3. Jamie Graham brewer says:

    I am so happy for you. There are lots of children just waiting for a family. I will be praying.

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